The Church of Roses

Once being named “Church of the Assumption am Leech“. Today name’s “University Church Maria”. I call it “The Church of Roses” due to those gorgeous roses blooming in its yard. According to Graz Urban Touch, this church’s even older than anyone’s great-grandpa. The Church’s history began in pre-Christian era in Urnfield culture period (1300 BC to 750 BC). The Urnfield culture (c. 1300 BC – 750 BC) was a … Continue reading The Church of Roses

Gösting Castle Ruins -Burgruine Gösting

Gösting (from Slavic gostinca = hostel, or gozd = mountain forest) is the 13th city district of Graz, in the Austrian province of Styria. It is situated in the north-west of the city between the river Mur and the Plabutsch mountain and the range north of it on which the ruined Gösting Castle is located. Wikipedia According to Wikipedia, the place Gösting was found in the 12th century. In 18th century the castle in the region was ruined almost completely due … Continue reading Gösting Castle Ruins -Burgruine Gösting